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Is casino cheating in Baccarat or Many of us can't play well Baccarat, and get losing mostly ?


OK Paul, thanks, it was interesting to watch. I believe it’s possible to do that, install cameras etc.. But still..  so what?


 Is that only recording and presenting hand results and statistics in the monitor???? No, i don t think so.


So what else do you think it can possibly do? You cannot shift the cards inside of this box.

Even if they calculate results of all the shoe - what they can do with it against you?



Hi Paul sounds like you have become paranoid about the casinos, maybe time for a change of game?

I agree with 1010011010  I really can't see how the cards can be manipulated within the shoe there just is no room to do this 

As far as the electronics, cameras either just outside or on the shoe this I believe is for the score board results and can only speed the game up, 

I won't be wasting my time to follow the "evidence" you have submitted but thanks anyway

Here's a question for you   

How do you explain the professional Baccarat players making a lot of money consistantly from Baccarat?

I know people (myself included) who's only income is Baccarat, and no we don't win everyday that is just not achievable one has to take the few bad days with the many great days

Anyway I respect your opinion and wish you all the best in moving forward 


I think we should be more worrying about keeping discipline and not getting drunk in casino, because I simply don't see how they could cheat in baccarat. Definitely not by using cameras. It is not changing anything. 


This barcode is enough to the program that to know the shoe result. I personally have seen early  result of the hand before cards opened case1, then  once accidentally  dealer touched the button on the left side of the shoe and the result is ready before some cards even not drawn from the box case2, then once there was a mistake by dealer when she confused the order of player/banker cards, mixed that hand... then she clicked that button and fixed the result case3 . It was happened at the Parx Casino. Nobody controls them , there is no audit, even if you see something you can t do anything. It is all about big money and big business. 

I also believe that house is controlling all that games, & money flow   at some level.  I never play big.  Who knows what they do there...behind of hundreds screens.  And don t believe those whose income from baccarat or casino. In the long term total almost everybody loses much more than winning.  


I'm with Sheldon and FLATHEAD13 on that. I will play devil's advocate in asking: how do casino can use this information against you?

I believe you, let's say it happened and it is true. But what they can do with that information? So what if they know the whole shoe? It is not changing anything.

At least I don't see how.

It is another reason why I like baccarat so much. 


They are not cheating..the camera is there to read the cards and can tell the electronic score board if it was a P B or tie..other wise they would have to manually do it...and to think they can see what you're betting and change the order of the card right before its dealt is just comical. 


Ever heard of the saying “ come into my parlour said the spider to the fly” same is with casinos, however the fly is predictability- cameras, technology whatever, 

casinos want to lure the uneducated with what seems like a predictable betting pattern in baccarat- (ie) x2 2iars is NOT a 2s trigger for me, x3, 1iars is NOT a 1s trigger for me- use this wonderful simulator- the answers to beating the game are right before your eyes 

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