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BACCARAT MASTERS SERIES 1 - The Bake Profit Formula...


        "The Baccarat Masters Series" is a series of articles prepared for "Baccarat WinPro" members EXCLUSIVELY, by best selling author, E. Laurence Bake.  Mr. Bake is currently finishing  his newest book that contains "THE NATURAL LAWS OF INVESTING." And he has been using Baccarat- Win-Pro as both a research and teaching tool in the completion of his work.  Enjoy!  As each new article will appears right here in your forum 


BACCARAT MASTERS SERIES 1 - The First Principle Of Baccarat

Article by, E. Laurence Bake


Every activity, every "game" known to Man has BASIC PRINCIPLES that govern that activity or game. Baccarat is no exception. 

And what is a "principle" exactly?  Well, a basic principle is. " A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of activities or for a chain of reasoning."  In other words, it is something that you can count on to be "true" all of the time, every time you engage in that activity. 

For example, a child may not understand that $1.25 buys more apples than $1.00, but that just happens to be the truth of the matter. The material world is based on "quantity."  12 apples make a dozen, 10 apples do not. It is 2 apples less. 

Now one can disagree with that principle, one can try to get around it. But you won’t get very far in the apple business. If one does not adhere to this principle they will not succeed in the game of buying and selling apples. 

And so it is with Baccarat. It has a number of basic principles that are true every time, all of the time. It does not matter the circumstances at any given moment. A principle remains true no matter what. 

Again, one can try to get around it, search for ways to avoid it, even deny that such principles exist.  But as it is in life so it is in Baccarat.  One cannot wish fundamental principles away or hope and prey that they will not exist today. Because, they do exist and they will always be there, governing the game. 

That said, there are numerous principles at work in the game of Baccarat. Each one is important in its own right. But there is one that is so sweeping, so all-encompassing that it deserves to be named, "The First Principle Of Baccarat. And it is this:


Minus 1 Plus 2 = + 1


Contained within that BASIC PRINCIPLE you will find the simplest possible truth about profit in the game of Baccarat. In fact, it could not be stated any more simple and to the point.  Adhere to this principle and one is rewarded accordingly.  Violate this principle, deny it, make any attempt to get around it, or escape it’s sweeping power and one might as well try jumping out of an aircraft without a parachute, just to prove gravity is not true. 

So let’s explore this more fully. 

Player A:  Loses $10 in a hand of Baccarat and is - $10.  He or she wagers and wins $20 on the next hand and is + $10.  The net result is + $10 in profit - winner. 

Player B:  Loses $10 in a hand of Baccarat and is - $10. Wagers and wins $10 on the next hand and is at 0.  The net result is ZERO profit.

Player C:  Loses $10 in a hand of Baccarat and is - $10. Wagers and wins $5 on the next hand and is at - $5.  The net result is -$5 loss.


-1  +2  = +1


This basic principle is about one thing only - QUANTITY. In the real world of profit and loss 2 is more than 1, and 1 is more than 0.  This reality is NOT a discussion about positive and/or negative progressions, or game strategies, or any other topic or possible discussion about the game of Baccarat.  Those discussions are for another day. 

The Bake Profit Formula is a simple statement of an observable, reliable, true all of the time, every time FACT.  Because, that is what the game of Baccarat is founded on.

Highly profitable winners know that. Those who are struggling with results are missing adequate understanding of the principles that govern the game.  

From this principle one can then advance into greater understanding of subjects like game strategy, money management, bet selection methods and a host of other interesting and valuable topics. But so long as this first principle is not fully understood a Baccarat player’s profits will suffer.  

There are many, many ways that one can use their knowledge of this principle to better their results. Look closely and you will discover that every method of playing Baccarat ever invented, bought or sold, is trying to accomplish one thing. They are trying to turn 1 unit  into 2 units.  Every Baccarat "System" ever devised is just trying to solve the great mystery that is NOT a mystery at all.  It's a PRINCIPLE that when observed, understood and used solves ITSELF.  

-1 +2 = +1  Why  keep trying to solve a mystery that Nature solved bazillions of years ago, the moment there were 2 stars in the universe and not 1? 

And  in The Baccarat Masters Series II – “How Tesla’s 369 Theory Helped Solve The Riddles Of Baccarat” we will move on to yet another fascinating principle. 



E. Laurence Bake 


Thanks for sharing this article. It was interesting to read. Waiting for some hard data to discuss. 


Thank you Tom. Is there any aspect of Baccarat in particular that you would like to discuss, are working on or feel you need more information about?  And do let me know if you are currently playing as a professional, play actively now-and-then, or just getting to know the game better at this time. 


Interesting and true thanks for that can't wait for more 



I used to play, but I was losing. I'm looking for any data or strategy to analyze. 



Hey Tom...

I hear you. And my first thought is that you are A) Smart and B) even smarter to have stepped back from the losing tables to search and discover the knowledge and skill to return to the game as a winner. That's well done on your part. 

Give me a little more info. Such as:

1. What size of units ($1 - $5 - $25 - $100 etc.) you were playing at when you were playing?

2. What size of bankroll did you have when playing that level of units. 

3. Were you playing online or live at casino

4. How much were you hoping you could make on a good day playing? 

Perhaps we can shed some light on your experience. Because there are 10s of thousand of players who have found themselves in similar situations as you. I know I did some years ago. 




Thanks FH13: 

I hope you will join in the discussion and let me know what aspects of the game you are most interested in at this point in your playing. Perhaps you have a question, concern with some part of your playing, or the like. Do feel free to let fly with whatever you are most interested in, or what you are working on to improve your profits and results currently. 

Appreciate your response to the article...



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