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You can play Baccarrat game in BaccaratWinPro.com online simulator in two ways:

- with manual dealing of cards
- and with automatic dealing of cards, like in online casinos. 

We just added a new option in Game Settings. You can setup the most convenient for you cards dealing interval: 10, 15 or 20 seconds.

We are delighted to introduce a new function in BaccaratinPro: auto dealing cards. 

Turn this option on (as shown on the screenshot) and enjoy playing Baccarat like in real online casino, with cards being dealt automatically and with time limits for placing your bets. 

For most of us, year 2020 was a tough one and made us face unusual situations. BWP Team thank you for being with us through this challenging year

We are very happy to serve you the best Baccarat simulator on the Internet. With hard work and with help of your suggestions we can keep improving BaccaratWinPro tools, adding new functions to the platform for all of you who want to become an advantage player in casinos. 

We introduce new analytic view of shoe results. Find it in "Results -> Shoes List / Bead Plate". 

You can adjust number of hands in column by changing "Bead Plate rolls of" value. This will help you to analyze dynamics of the game. 

How cool is that!

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Read how it works here: https://baccaratwinpro.com/en/help/subject/affiliate

We are happy to share good news about BaccaratWinPro.com new functions.

1. We have implemented long-awaited "UNDO" button.
This option will allow you to undo the last (only the last) dealt hand, in case of mistake. 

2. We have also created brand new section "Learn Baccarat" where we post free Baccarat learning materials, articles and subjects for discussion. 

We are happy to introduce a new section: Addons. You can find it in menu: "My Profile->Addons" In this section we will be placing all additional products and options available for BaccaratWinPro users.

We prepared 100 real casino shoes and imported them with hand scores to the system. You can play it at BaccaratWinPro table! together with standard shoes generated by the simulator software.

We have implemented new function which allows you to study each hand details after it is dealt in Baccarat WIn Pro simulator. 

Simply click on one of the circles representing a hand (Big road, Bead plate, Betting road) so see detailed information of dealt cards and your bets.

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