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Whether you generated shoe in Baccarat simulator or imported it manually, now you can add individual name and notes into it. 

From the Shoe List click "Edit" icon next to the shoe ID.

In the popup window you can insert name and notes. The name will be displayed on the list. 


We have made some improvements to the Baccarat Win Pro table, which will allow us to add even more new options. Check list of changes and new functions. 

Do you have Baccarat shoes that you would like to send by email to yourself or friends? Now you can do it just with few clicks! 

Now you can export Baccarat shoes with each hand details (score).

Additionally you can capture Big Road of each shoe as an image, save it to your computer for future analysis and sharing.


From now on we accept crypto payments. We are happy that we can offer this way to purchase BaccratWinPro subscription. 

You can easily pay with the most popular currencies and use the system within minutes. 

We are happy to introduce the newest function in BaccaratWinPro, which allows you to create your own patterns of Bankers and Players. After creating the pattern you will be able to test it automatically on generated or imported shoes.

We are thrilled to announce that BaccaratWinPro Forum is ready for baccarat players!

Our goal is to create baccarat players community, both professionals and learning. This is the place where everyone can share ideas and experience, discuss baccarat strategies, learn how to improve gambling skills. 

Do you have collection of Baccarat shoes from casino and want to test it and play them on the table? Now you can do it!

We just added possibility to enter any shoe that you have recorded and play it in BaccaratWinPro.com, place bets and collect statistics.

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