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Beginnings of shoes


Hi everyone,

I have a simple question, do you play shoes from the very beginning?

I have found that maybe it is better to wait for a particular shoe to develop and act accordingly. Let’s say 1/3 or 1/2 of a shoe.

What is your thoughts on that? Thanks!


Hi Chook

I find that depending on the strategy I am playing will depend what I do 

I will actually play from before the first game 

sometimes will wait 3-4 games then start

I feel it is something that there isn't a rule for but you can formulate what suits your own style and it sounds that you have found it

All the best and may all your cards lead to a profit

Cheers from FLATHEAD in Perth Western Australia


Depends on what strategy you want to play, like FLATHEAD13 said. 

I always play the whole shoe, my strategy requires me to place each bet. 

But if I was chasing dragon tail or some other patterns - then I would wait to see how the shoe goes.

Good luck!


I am playing patterns, runs etc. usually entering the shoe after 1/2 hands are dealt. 



I like to skip the beginnings and then follow the shoe.


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