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How many units do you win pre shoe?


Hi !

how many units is possible to win in one shoe? What is your limit?

Do you have limit?

Is it smart to quit if you win? When?

Thank you


5 stop loss - 6 stop win

but you have to find your own limits, depends on the strategy 


I was experimenting just now with the 1-3-2-4 betting strategy.

I’ve noticed that I get the best results when my stop win and stop loss are the same (between 7 and 9 units).

If i hit my stop loss / win - I will continue the shoe, but reset my limits.

Hope it helps.



hi! anyone tell me how many units i get to win game

Daniel Ring

hello everyone. I get 100 dollars a shoe with my system and bounce. then Waite for another shoe. or I go to another table or casino.

Camilla Lee

Hello!! The number of units you can win in one shoe of Baccarat varies greatly and depends on several factors, including your betting strategy, the specific shoe's outcomes, and your bankroll. Setting limits and having a clear strategy for when to quit are important aspects of responsible gambling. 

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