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What Do You Need And Want?


I was wondering about others on the Forum here and what kind of discussions would be most valuable. It would be great if we can all share some questions about the game of baccarat, and how each of us can improve our profits. Feel free to fire away and let's see where it goes. The old saying is, "There is no such thing as a bad or silly question," when trying to improve at anything. 


The first of all thanks for this product. I played on it,  checked many features, results and statistics in many ways. It is pretty good. I liked the feature of Saving the previous shoe before starting the new one and 2 excel reports are awesome. Good Job! Beside improving our playing skills and techniques here, we can also do Statistic Research. In order to do that we need much data. So is it possible if you add also the feature like  generate random 1000 or 10 000 or 100 000 shoe results   into  XLSX file. ( The second Report - Export to XLSX) . In this case by using excel functions we can check our patterns, tactics, money management approach in many shoes and see the statistics.

It can be in 2 ways

  1. You get ready random results directly. You just select 1000 or 10000 option from the drop down and you click generate button, and it gives you 1000 shoe results in  XLSX file (Export to XLSX)
  2. You observe or watch these random shoe animation. You just open play view and click on start with 100 or 1000 shoes animation and you are just watching how every shoe is going and in the end, after watching you are taking exported file which stores these 100 shoes. 

It would be awesome if we have such feature to continue our research in this platform.

Thanks for creating such forum and this topic.


Defect of Select All.

Select All doesn't work for other pages. I played or observed 100 shoes, and tried  export all in one sheet by clicking SelectAll and export to xlsx. It dosn't select all shoes, i tried to select page to page in the list but it doesn't keep selected either. So 4 times i  selected all and exported then i manually combined 4 files in one. Can you please fix it ?


Hi Jim321,

unfortunately we cannot make changes the way you have it proposed. 

But we appreciate your opinion and we are open to further suggestions. 

Thank you!

BWP Team


This place is dead.  Good thing, anyway.  I mean what's the point of wasting hours a day trying to delude yourself that anything will come of it?

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