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Game settings

Many casinos have different version of playing Baccarat. To fit everyone needs and be able to test each version of the game before playing in real casino each user can adjust options of the game for specific environment, in particular:

All settings saved in the system will be automatically loaded when starting new shoe. But each time when starting new shoe player can manually change default shoe options.

How many decks of cards in a shoe

Player can choose between 6 and 8 decks of cards. One deck of cards is 52 cards.

Style of commission

Player can choose style of commission that suites different situations:

Cards to cut

Player is chossing how many cards to cut at the end of the shoe (after they are shuffled).

How many times to shuffle cards

The player has an option to choose how many times (10, 20 or 30) program will shuffle set of cards.

Warn me if I didn't place the bet

Player can setup on default if system should warn about "free hands" when player didn't place a bet but hit to deal a hand.
This option can be change during playing the shoe.

Table bet limit

Player can setup table limit between 1 and 50000. This option will limit bet on each side: banke, player or tie.
Maximum table limit allowed is 50000.

When cut card is visible before dealing a hand

When cut card is visible during dealing the hand - that means it is the last hand of the shoe.
Player is choosing how dealing should be done when cut card is visible before dealing a hand: to deal the last hand or finish the shoe (no more hand is dealt).

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