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Cards shuffling

Shuffling cards is a procedure to randomize a deck of cards in the game. Shuffling is performed by software function "shuffle". This function shuffles (randomizes the order of the elements) by using computer pseudo random number generator "Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator" Shuffling is done each time on chosen decks of cards. To be speciffic it works like following:

  1. 1 deck of cards is chosen, using order: from 2 card to Ace card, and in order: clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades
  2. Software is placing given number of decks to the shoe
  3. The whole shoe of cards is shuffled given number of times

The player has an option to choose how many times (10, 20 or 30) program will shuffle set of cards.

Cards cutting

Player is chossing how many cards to cut at the end of the shoe (after they are shuffled).

When cut card is visible during dealing the hand - that means it is the last hand of the shoe.
Player is choosing how dealing should be done when cut card is visible before dealing a hand: to deal the last hand or finish the shoe (no more hand is dealt).

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