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Welcome to the BaccaratWinPro Forum for Baccarat Players !!

We are thrilled to announce that BaccaratWinPro Forum is ready for baccarat players!Our goal is to create baccarat players community, both professionals and learning. This is the place where everyone can share ideas and experience, discuss baccarat strategies, learn how to improve gambling skills. We started with basic version of the Forum. We are going to extend its usability by functions like: - creating private topics - including generated shoes in messages.. and more! 
Oh that's coolI just started learning baccarat, I will have a lot things to ask... 
This is Awesome! Will the forum be available to those that dont have a subscription? I feel that the simulator is an essential but ive invested all my money into coaching and my bankroll barely meets the minimum requirements lol. 

Hi Ag92101 !

yes, forum will be available for every user even with no valid subscription plan. 

Only some advanced options will accessible for paid accounts.  

Dr Profit

Great software!! I've only had it for a couple of days but I'm really impressed. I will have to take some time to read the different instructions on reports and etc, but can't seem to drag myself away from playing, lol. Nice work.


Thank you Dr Profit, our goal is to make BWP the best training platform for Baccarat players, so everyone can master and test strategies before they hit the casino with the real $$


Alan Parrish2


I have enjoyed using BWP after its referral from Baccarat Jay. 

It really is the next best thing to playing against the live dealers. 


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