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Welcome to the BaccaratWinPro Forum for Baccarat Players !!


Hi Everyone, I am from Australia, Perth in the west to be exact just thought I would introduce myself.

I feel privealiged to have found this site, great stuff Mr GOOGLE, have only just started learning Baccarat early Jan 2020

I only know a few people who play and have already PASSED on the details to here, I hope I am alowed to do this

love the way the shoe is played and recorded and the sessions can follow on 

Big thanks to the creators of Baccarat Win Pro and thanks for inviting me and others like me with the LEARNERS caps on

I do ask a lot of questions and will look forward to the advice and responce I am not affraid of critisism 

one last thing I like to play shoes that other people have played for real money or just pretend and to compare end results so if you are interested in sharing a shoe please post a picture or whatever and we can discuss 

Great sorry to woffle on, have a great day all and may all your shoes lead to greater opportunites  

Thanks for reading this  FH13



Wow, this is tool is great, that exactly what I needed !

Thank for the great work. It's going to help me a lot.


Thanks, You did great job guys. I would like to thank  people who worked on that tools and gathered them in one product. Day by day, these kind of products are increasing. I wish you upgrade it  frequently and find bugs or logical errors. I paid attention for now it works well, it looks like professional. If i see smth wrong , i ll let you know. Testers may help you in that.

This is really a powerful tool for interesting game, you may practice and learn much before playing real Baccarat. i always enjoy of playing it. 


Thank you everyone for your feedback and your support. We develop Baccarat Win Pro system all the time with new functions or improving existing ones. We are also open for suggestions. 

Dr Profit

Still amazed at how great this software is. It has helped my practice in so many ways. 10 out of 10 stars from me. One thing I would love to have added however, is the ability to remove the last hand played, or an "undo" if you will. So many times have I been practicing a system and be halfway thru the shoe and make a mistake and not catch it unitl its too late. Suddenly I have to restart the whole shoe because of my one small slip in unit size or side. Is this feature already available or even possible to add? I feel it would be a huge addition to an already great program.


Dr. Profit


Thank you Dr Profit.

We will work on that soon!



Many people think that baccarat is a game of chance and there is no place for calculations and schemes in it. This is not entirely true. By following the right strategy during the game, it can play confidently and win more.  If you're new to baccarat, the best things to start games that use a fewer amount of decks. Playing with more decks may be disadvantageous for the player. As part of the baccarat strategy, you need to decide which type of bet is best for you. As you know, there are three types of bets - the widely used bank (bet on the banker) and punto (bet on the player), as well as a rarer bet on a draw. Among these rates, banco is the most profitable, since the casino winnings, in this case, will be less compared to the other two. A bet on a draw can practically be considered a taboo since the advantage of a casino, in this case, is almost 15%. 
Do not listen to anyone if you are told that someone has developed a winning strategy for baccarat. If they did, they would not tell you! This is a game where the role of luck is extremely large, and you will do it right if you play with this in mind.

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