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What if.. Martingale


If anyone tried and tested such a strategy: 

play Martingale on dragon tail, but you jump on it only of it's - let's say - 5 banker or players already. 
Does it make sense? 

Does anyone know what is the longest run of B/P ever seen? 


Dr Profit

I've seen 12 on several occasions. I never like stepping in front of a train, and have learned over many years to NEVER bet on a streak to end. Obvious reason is that if you ride a streak, the most you can lose is 1 unit. On the other hand, betting on a streak to end, who knows how many you could lose in a row. If you want to use Martingale, you may want to look into Permutations. There are a few videos on Youtube that describe this method for Roulette that can (and should) be used for Baccarat. I started table games at Roulette, thinking Baccarat was too complicated and never researched the game itself. Then after losing 750 in 10 minutes, I decided there had to be a better way. Enter Baccarat! Those Zeros will KILL you and the house edge is close to 5 times greater than Baccarat. I often wonder now, why anyone plays RED/BLACK startegies in Roulette. Lesson learned the hard way for me. When using Permutations, you will force the house to deal a certain sequence at a specific time. Just write down 5 Player/Banker in a row and see if it comes up the first 5 times you sit down. For example, PBPBB, or any combination, and see how it does. You can also wait on a hand or two to show up the same and then proceed to chase, if you wanna limit your outlay.

Good Luck,

Dr. Profit

Dr Profit

Another Way is to wait on a sequence of 2 or mores in a row and then start to play that it won't continue. I'll try to post an image and see if I can explain it better. I call these "clusters" and have seen them run for 5-6 frequently, but 8 times are rare, but I have seen one 9. Wait for 3-4 and then begin. Again, only what your comfort level is. If you see 4-5 clusters of 2 or more, wait until the next change and then bet it won't repeat that result. You see in this picture, there were 2 clusters, once was 4 and the other a 5.  Once the 4 clusters appeared and it switched to Player, I bet it wouldn't repeat with a Player. Won on the first hand on the first cluster, and it took 2 bets to win on the second cluster. If you bet it and it loses, wait until it changes before playing again. Meaning, you are only playing one time and if it loses, you have to wait on another change before betting it won't repeat.


I hope I am not wrong in my calculation, but the numbers look good. The only question would be if you can survive bad run... how bad it can go. 

Check from my stats

Let's say you start betting after 4 Players

5 run:  
win 85 P 
lost: 85 - 201 = -116

+ the rest long runs: 43+20+10+2+7+5+1 = 88

RESULT Players = 85+88 -116 = 57


Now after 4 Bankers you bet

5 run:
win 105 B
lost: 105 - 205 = -100

+ the rest: 51+32+9+5+2+1 = 100

RESULT Banker = 105 +100 - 100 = 105




How many shoes you have generated?


200 shoes exactly

8 decks, 10 cards cut 



Another Way is to wait on a sequence of 2 or mores in a row and then start to play that it won't continue. 

Yes, that would be the same thing. Just don't know if you can calculate it so easy.. ? 


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