The Deep Dark Secret

Have you ever wondered why a casino would decide to not have a $5 - $10 or $15 Baccarat table open that night? Or why some casinos never have smaller minimum tables for the many players who want one?

That same casino has plenty of room for a collection of slot machines that people can play for 0.25 cents. Yet, they do not have a single table where players can be throwing $10, $20 even $50 bets at them every time that one dealer deals a single hand of Baccarat. 

One hour of Baccarat play on a $5 or $10 minimum table would flow more money over that table than ten 25 cent slot machines would see all night long. 

Other casinos have big open spaces where they could have 4 or 5 low table minimum Baccarat tables. But no! Some Vegas Casinos are so big and bold they don't even try to hide their secret. The just say, "Sorry, $100 minimum only." Others say, "$50 or $25 tables only." 

Ask any casino host and he will tell you all kinds of reasons WHY they only have the bigger minimum tables. They will tell you anything, exept their DEEP DARK GET RICH SECRET. They will never tell you that. 

And the secret is this: To win the game of Baccarat you need enough CAPITAL to overcome (stay in the game) the natural flow (wins and losses) that any shoe might deal you. Even a reasonably favorable shoe can have some negative times and that can really dig into a bankroll.

Now that can get a bit complicated but let's keep it real simple here. And I will just spit it out. A player with $1000 who sits down at a $100 minimum table IS DEAD THE MOMENT HE OR SHE WALKS INTO THAT CASINO. He or she may not know it but you can bet your very last dollar on this one bet. You can bet the casino knows that it is a mathematical fact. They will lose that $1000 sooner or later. 

This is not my opinion, or your opinion to the contrary. You might walk out a winner one night with your $1000. But try that for a week and if you still have a penny of that $1000 left you should buy some lottery tickets, because you are one of the luckies people on planet Earth.

Your CAPITAL TO UNIT SIZE RATIO is completely insufficient to win consistently at a $100 Baccarat table - PERIOD! Can't happen consistently - will not happen and THE CASINO KNOWS THIS FACT. 

So by taking out the lower minimum tables (where the player with $1000 should be playing) it forces that person to the higher min. tables where they walk right into UNBEATABLE ODDS AGAINST THEIR WINNING ON ANY KIND OF CONSISTENT BASIS. 

In other words, the casino knowingle and deliberately created a losing situation for that player by limiting the tables they make available. 

And Wow! That one deep - dark - dirty secret takes more money from Baccarat players on a worldwide basis than we will ever know. And if you still believe it is because they can not afford and extra table and a few dealers, or any other reason a casino gives you, Oh my. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but the Easter Bunny is not a real person. (joke) 

And what does all of the above tell you? Well, it tells the smart player it is time to get better trained on the game of Baccarat. Because that is where you learn what the EXACT, correct table minimum you should be playing on with the bankroll you have. And even more, how to never let the casinio beat you before you have played the first hand. 

It tells you KNOWLEDGE IS THE REAL POWER, not your bankroll. 

E. Laurence Bake

Copyright. 2020