Here is a tip for you for the next time you are playing Baccarat. Actually, it is more than just a tip. It is an important principle that has to do with Human Nature, your emotions, your mindset and PRESERVING YOUR BANKROLL as a player.

And it is remarkably powerful: IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING FUN AND ENJOYING PLAYING THE GAME OF BACCARAT, THEN SOMETHING IS WRONG. Something is wrong with your strategy, or your approach to the game generally.

This observation is so true, in fact, that you can turn it into a valuable part of your playing method. You do that by turning it around to say, "ANY TIME I AM PLAYING A SHOE AND I REALIZE I AM NOT RELAXED AND HAVING FUN THEN I WILL STOP PLAYING IMMEDIATELY AND TAKE A BREAK."

Take a moment out to step away from the game, step back and look at what you are doing. And just say to yourself, "Something is not right here, so let's correct it and let's correct it now, while I still have my bankroll."

The moment the game becomes too SERIOUS or feels out of your control in any way, if it has you on- edge, or it has you concerned about losses then something is off, something is just not quite right with your playing.

Now. I can tell you that when playing the game is no longer fun and it starts getting a bit too serious, 99% of the time YOUR UNIT SIZES ARE TOO BIG. Too much money is moving too fast and the level and the speed of the motion is impacting your E-Motions.

That means you should not be at the $100 tables, or if you are playing with $50 units you should NOT be there. You should drop down 1 or 2 or 3 unit sizes until you are 100% comfortable and relaxed and having fun again. And that includes players with small bankrolls especially. If you are not having fun at the $10 or $15 tables leave them and go have some good, fun, practice times on the $5 or even the $1 tables.

Another reason playing Baccarat gets too serious for some players is they have chosen to just rely on LUCK. So they keep giving their money to the casinos instead of spending a bit of that money on proper education in the game of Baccarat, where one learns FIRST, then goes to play for real money.

Don't go and lose another $1000 yet be unwilling to spend $500 on some education. It is simply not logical to do so.

So there you have it. Playing any game should be fun. Remember when we were children and playing made us happy. That's how playing Baccarat can and should be. And if it is not that way for you then take a moment right now and decide what you want to do about that.

This one little tip alone will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and for some of you, it will save you 10s of thousands.

Because we both know one thing for sure. Losing hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned money to some casino IS NO FUN AT ALL.

E. Laurence Bake

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