BACCARAT And The Natural Law Of Investing

It may not be immediately obvious that athletes, investors, and casino Baccarat players have anything in common, but they do. All three are engaged in a contest with TIME. And too often they will fumble and fail because of it. They fail to recognize that PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE is created with an "accumulation" of smaller, incremental wins over TIME.

Now, there is a Natural Law Of Investing that addresses this. And when we apply it to playing Baccarat it states:





Abundance means having more of something, and plenty left over. It includes having more money, of course, but it is not limited to physical possessions alone. It includes other desirable assets like confidence, skill and ability, pride and joy, respect, trust in one’s judgment, personal satisfaction and more.

So if one wants to prosper at the Baccarat tables then it is necessary to embrace these two simple facts. 1. An abundance of anything valuable is subject to the Natural Laws of the real world. 2. And that means it is subject to TIME, time in the sense that a garden cannot give you a thousand fresh vegetables overnight.

Great athletes understand this instinctively. They are constantly seeking to improve the speed, accuracy, and execution of their performance down to the 100th of a second. They know that each little win in practice is one step closer to that cherished championship.

The athlete can say, “I want that gold medal NOW.” The laws of the physical world say, “That involves TIME. And time rolls out in seconds, minutes, days, months and in lifetimes."

The Baccarat Player may insist, “ I want economic growth – big profits TODAY.” But Natural Law says, “One step at a time. You can have your abundance but in the real, physical world it comes one minute, day, and year at a time.”

The compulsive gambler is caught up in an all-out war with TIME. He or she is not even playing against the casino, the game, or the cards any longer. Their battle is against time, and that battle rages within themselves. The gambler wants to win now, this very minute, at any cost. And that mindset is a fast train screaming toward PAIN - suffering – and ongoing visits to the poorhouse.

Reversely, the medal-winning athlete and the winning Baccarat Player have a strong, realistic, productive and rewarding relationship with time and the accumulation of successful results. .

Professional players have learned how to make time a friend and it helps them perform miracles. Small, incremental wins and accomplishments today add up to great potential as one moves forward. Misjudge time, miscalculate it, make time your enemy and it can turn a Fairytale into an economic horror story, and fast.

There are many, many many rewards waiting for you when operating on natural laws - they remain consistent over any span of time. They apply daily, monthly, and over a lifetime of activity. And this fact can bring great comfort and peace-of-mind to you as a player:

Yes, investing in the financial markets and/or at a Baccarat table do have more in common than one might imagine. INVESTING IS HOW ONE SURVIVES ON PLANET EARTH. You invest your time, money, strength and resources and you must see something in return to survive in this society. And for some Baccarat is just one more way of accomplishing that.

The difference between the amateur and the professional player is that he or she KNOWS that each successful investment, be it financial, or in one’s health, or in knowledge moves one toward abundance and pleasure and away from scarcity and pain.

And now you know it also. Make time your friend, develop PATIENCE, lower your unit sizes and your risk so you can relax and enjoy the game. Learn to win consistently over the long term. That is where you will find the prosperity and abundance you are looking for. 


The casino may not always be glad you did, but you will.


E. Laurence Bake

Copyright 2020