Natural Law # 5


“The professional Baccarat player directs capital (bankroll) into and out of the game, employing calculated strategies to bring about increased economic growth.”

CAPITAL is commonly understood as “a store of useful assets.” But a more detailed definition can be found at Investopedia, and this sheds some necessary light on this vital subject.

“Capital” comes to us from Latin "capitalis" meaning, "of the head - chief, first,” Meaning "main, principal, chief, dominant, first in importance." This tells us that one's capital (the money and resources the player has to invest) comes “First - chief - and most important.” This answers an array of questions every professional player must come to terms with. It says: CAPITAL is king, it comes first - not profit, not emotions, not promises, or hopes and dreams of fast and easy riches.

We could liken this to a chess game where all efforts, all strategies, all actions, moves, and defenses have one command, and one command only if winning is the goal. PROTECT THE KING – that determines who wins and who does not.

The intelligent Baccarat player is the chess Master directing all of the pieces on the board. He or she is Knight, Rook, Castle, Queen, and Pawn all in one. He or she is the last word, and final decision maker, charged with the responsibility of protecting that which will determine the final outcome. Will it be pain or pleasure, economic survival or non-survival?

With capital one can grow, one can even fail at times, yet live to learn and earn another day. Without capital, the game is over.

One hears a great deal about money management and risk these days. But what could possibly be riskier than a Baccarat player who does not yet understand the value and importance of the $100 or $10,000 in capital he or she is directing. That is RISK X 10.

This natural law answers some of the questions that new, young Baccarat players come face-to-face with sooner or later. Like what does a professional Baccarat player actually do, or should be doing on a day-to-day basis? Well, he or she is directing capital – moving it in or out of the game as necessary - employing calculated strategies - and bringing about increased economic growth. That's part of it.

But first and most important is that the professional is PROTECTING THE KING – ALWAYS! And that king is the money (capital) you have in your hand at the Baccarat table.

PROFIT is what happens when you do that wisely. Leaving the table broke and disappointed is what happens when you do not.

E. Laurence Bake

Copyright 2020