GAME MASTER A Three Part Series PART 1

When you take a good, honest look at any individual who is very good at what they do a rather obvious pattern comes into view. It does not matter if that person is a top-of-the-line chess player, athlete, makes pizza, writes great songs, or is a talented sign maker. They all have three (3) things in common that can teach us how to improve our results at the Baccarat table.

What they all have in common is LOGIC - JUDGMENT and INTELLIGENCE in the activity they are engaged in.

But these 3 things do not come along by accident. If you want to develop them and be exceptionally good at any activity, and Baccarat is no exception, you need to KNOW the difference between what is absolutely vital, what is important (but not so vital) and what is not as important.


What is important? What is most important? What is not as important and what really does not matter when you are sitting at a baccarat table with your money.

Extensive research into this subject has led me to conclude that a Baccarat player’s inability to observe the “differences” between what is important to their success and what is not as important is A LEADING CAUSE TO THE LOSS OF THEIR BANKROLLS.

That’s why this subject is of great interest to those Baccarat players who want to improve their game and increase their Baccarat profits. They understand it’s not just a good idea to know more about it – it is absolutely essential.

So let’s get into this idea of “importance.” And it’s best to think of it as a “scale of importance.” A scale, from 1 to 10 (for example) gives you a way of sorting out the various aspects of the game. And that gives you a logical, orderly approach to the game and your playing right there. You are now asking the logical, the intelligent questions suddenly. Is this more important than that? Should I focus more on “A” or is “B” more important?

Do you see? What unsuccessful Baccarat players do not realize is that they burried in 100 different opinions, theories, systems, approaches, tips, tricks, books, courses and more on how to play Baccarat. It’s enough to completely OVERWHELM anyone. And in the end all of these competing opinions are just a whirlwind of people debating WHAT IS IMPORTANT and what is not.

So let’s bring some order, some logic, judgment and intelligence to this chaos here and now.

In the game of Baccarat there are two (2) forces that must be ranked as VITAL. That means the highest possible level of importance to you. As in, THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT. Because, if you do not understand and account for these two factors in your playing you are all but assured of losing every penny you are willing to let a casino take from you. If you don’t lose it today it is certain that you will eventually.

The 1st is the “House Edge” that the casino takes on all of your Banker bets.

And the 2nd is the natural flow of the B & P events that result in a WIN or a LOSS for you, from hand to hand and from shoes to shoe.

(1) The House Edge will take some of your bankroll and (2) sometimes more Bankers result and other times there are more Player results and your profit & loss position is impacted. IT IS 100% NATURAL FOR THIS TO HAPPEN IN THE GAME.

These two forces are not just important, these two factors alone account for 99% of all losses you will ever experience playing Baccarat.

Too many players spend years searching for the next magical sounding mathematical progression of numbers like the Martingale, or like Parlay-Your-Profit bets. They put a high value on their importance. As a result, they stay lost in the chaos of the game. They do not see the difference between “vital – important – and not as important.” And that leaves you at a terrible disadvantage.

Simple LOGIC dictates that A comes before B and P comes before Q and X before Y. Without understanding the “difference” between J & K your JUDGMENT is shot, it’s off-the-mark. (Except for an occasional moment of luck) Thus, your game INTELLIGENCE suffers, and that can leave you feeling a bit foolish at times. And that’s not where you want to be with $100 chips in your hand.

Now we could go on a very long walk around this subject and start ranking each aspect of the game in a scale of importance from 1 to 10, for example. And we can work out if this is more important than that, and that is more important than this, and we could do that for the next two hours. And it would be one of the coolest, most informative and best two hours we could spend. But this is not a full training session. So I am cutting it down to only: THE TWO MOST VITALLY IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF THE GAME OF BACCARAT for you.

I am doing that to give you a first step. I want you to have the simplest possible map to mastering this game if that is what you really, really want to do. And that begins by seeing and understanding how important HOUSE EDGE is to your success as a player, as compared to many, many other factors in the game.

The same with the NATURAL FLOW of Banker & Player results, and how they impact your profit and loss.

THESE TWO FORCES ARE VITAL. And everything else, while some are important, even very important, they are not as important – not by 100 miles.

The take away from this is as follows: You now know where your focus needs to be when it comes to improving your skills and your profits as a Baccarat Player.

1. You must know how to overcome house edge

2. You must have the knowledge and the bankroll necessary to overcome the natural flow of B & P results.

It is essential to understand that ANY playing method, system or approach to this game that cannot – does not overcome these to factors is NOT a workable method. It will cost you big time and will not result in consistent wins enough to keep you profitable over the days, weeks, months and years.

Mastering the game of Baccarat is not impossible. Winning is not impossible. But doing it without some logic, good judgment and some playing intelligence, now that is IMPOSSIBLE by definition. So let’s bring some order to the chaos that most Baccarat players in the world continue to suffer through.

We do that by asking the two VITAL questions first. How do I overcome House Edge? And how do I show a profit even when the “Natural Flow” of the game hands me some losses?

Get the honest, correct answers to those two questions and you will have demonstrated a high enough level judgment and intelligence to master the game, and earn profits like a true professional.


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