The hidden order in the chaos of Baccarat

You may have noticed that in the game of baccarat results are constantly moving. Banker wins, then Player wins, or you see two of each or 10 of one or the other. It is an ever-changing scene from hand to hand. And to the less skilled players this may seem like utter chaos at times. And yes, sometimes it is just that – chaos.

But the truth of the matter is that there is a HIDDEN ORDER to what might look like pure, chaotic madness. And to understand that ORDER behind the CHAOS let’s use an example of a river moving, in place of the Banker – Player results.

Sometime you will see a river moving as smooth as can be. It FLOWS smoothly for miles, calm, and very predictable with barely a ripple as it goes.

But then, it is met by counter-forces, in the form of shorelines and other water coming from different directions. That slows it down, until the flow jams up completely and the water just sits there in some places.

In this case we have FORCE meeting FORCE and the result is NO MOTION, or very little motion. The river water may move a little forward, a little back but the flow is jamming up and not moving very far this way or that way for one reason or another.

Now let’s go down river a bit and we will see that same river water exploding up against the rocks, like little bombs going off, splashing 10 feet into the air. They call that the “rapids” when the water is exploding and imploding, like a great big washing machine in action.

So we can see that water in a river can actually be in 3 (three) different states. It can be FLOWING. It can be JAMMING UP. It can be DISPERSING and exploding all over the place.

And there you have it. That is the hidden ORDER behind what you see happening with Baccarat results.

Look at any kind of energy you like, from moving water to electricity and you will only ever see it in ONE OF THESE THREE STATES at any one time. 

And that is what you are seeing in the game of Baccarat. Banker – Player results are in constant motion – just like that river. The results are flowing, BBBBBBBBBB, OR the results are jamming-up (an equilibrium of energy) like BPBP, or BBPPBB, OR they are in a kind of chaos, exploding all over the map. BBPBPBPPPBPPBBP.

Now what can you do with this kind of knowledge? Well, it is my hope that it helps you to see that it is possible to understand the game of Baccarat much better. I mean it can be learned. And it is also possible to be a very skilled player. 

For example, the skilled player would ask, “How much of my money do I want to risk on the next hand when the shoe is in a state of utter chaos, and results are all over the lot and exploding in my face?

He or She might also ask, “Is there is a better, less risky way to play a shoe that is flowing - jamming up or exploding into chaos at that moment. And the correct answer to that questions is: OF COURSE THERE IS A BETTER, SMARTER WAY TO PLAY THAT SHOE AT THAT MOMENT.

Now too many Baccarat players (the losing ones) choose to believe that they can just jump in an old canoe or homemade raft and go flying down a river, not knowing what is ahead of them. And that works fine until they start hitting the rocks and three foot walls of water are hitting them in the face and threatening to drown them on the spot. They do not know, or don’t want to face the fact that a baccarat table, with live money is not much different. Only it’s not water rushing past them, it is their hard-earned money splashing right out of their pocket and into the hands of a casino. And yes, it can actually drown the amateur player economically.

Whereas, with a bit of education about the game and some honest practice that same player could be handling the FLOWS – JAM-UPS AND CHAOTIC EXPLOSIVENESS of the game with confidence and with ease.

That is the choice every baccarat player in the world must make on his or her journey from a losing player to a winning player - and from amateur to professional.

Because drowning in icy cold water is just no fun anymore.

E. Laurence Bake

Baccarat Master Group (Facebook)

Copyright 2020