How to stop losing and start winning at Baccarat in five (5) minutes

Let me ask you a question. Would you advise anyone to step into the ring with a Heavyweight Boxing Champion, without proper training and preparation? And what do you think would happen if someone was foolish enough to put on those boxing gloves?

Logic tells us that would not be a very smart decision. Logic also tells us that the big Baccarat tables are no place for amateurs. Unless:

  1. A) You want to step into that boxing ring with Heavyweight Professionals
  2. B) You want to commit ECONOMIC SUICIDE. 

Let's If so, then sit down at the $50 - $100 Baccarat tables BEFORE YOU ARE PROPERLY TRAINED AND PREPARED. 

So let's take this logic forward for a moment, with a question: It's a very simple question every Baccarat Player should ask. And the question is this: IF ONE CAN NOT SHOW A CONSISTENT PROFIT PLAYING $1 BASE UNITS AT A BACCARAT TABLE WHAT WOULD MAKE ANYONE THINK THEY CAN BE A CONSISTENT WINNER AT THE $25 OR $50 UNIT LEVEL?

In other words, Boxing Professionals and Baccarat Professionals are MADE, they are very skilled individuals. They are better than any amateur. They are trained and practiced to win at the lowest levels. They improve and then compete at the next higher level. Then, and ONLY then do they emerge as winners - as Champions.

They start small to win big.

Now one may dream and hope and wish that life and Baccarat was otherwise, that there was some one-size-fits-all, out of the box "system" to beat the game, beat the casino, beat the Heavyweight Champion. But the truth is not so simple. Winners are made with hard, smart work and a few drops of precious blood when necessary.

In the world of high-stake Baccarat the amateur is left for dead, fast and without mercy. They can not possibly compete when the real bell rings. Only well-trained professionals SURVIVE and live to reap the rewards they richly deserve.

So, if you want to STOP LOSING AND START WINNING AT BACCARAT IN THE NEXT FIVE (5) MINUTES, then simply STOP playing with the bigger units - learn, practice and learn some more until you can WIN CONSISTENT PROFITS at the $1 - $5 levels. Start online if you have to. Then, and only then take your place among the professionals at the VIP tables.

It will be the smartest step you ever took on your way to CONSISTENT BACCARAT PROFITS. And who knows, you might even be a World Champion in the making!

Copyright 2020 E. Laurence Bake