The monster at the baccarat table

So you want to earn a “professional” level income, like $50,000 to $150,000 a year playing Baccarat. I hear you, loud and clear. And I am here to say, “Rock The House!” – go for it.

But! I am also here to ask you this one question: “Do you have any idea who and what you are actually facing when you sit down at that table?”

98% of the Baccarat players in the world have never taken a moment to fully answer that question, because if they had then they would have answered it with something that sounded like this.


Casino Baccarat is not just a card-game. To the casinos of the world Baccarat is a silver mine - gold mine and diamond mine all in one.

With somewhere near 100 Billion dollars rolling through casinos on Baccarat tables last year let’s compare that to some other industries. Here is a list from Inc. Magazine. They track what’s going on in the United States and what industries are looking up and which ones are hitting hard times. Let’s compare Baccarat’s 100 Billion to:

1. Health

Total revenue: $36.3 billion

2. Financial services

Total revenue: $15.1 billion

3. Consumer products and services

Total revenue: $14.4 billion

4. Logistics and transportation

Total revenue: $12.6 billion

5. Business products and services

Total revenue: $12.5 billion

6. Construction

Total revenue: $12.5 billion

7. Government services

Total revenue: $11.7 billion

8. Real estate

Total revenue: $8.1 billion

9. Retail

Total revenue: $8 billion

10. Security

Total revenue: $7.7 billion

Now the above stats are a few years old, but you get the point:


As a Baccarat player you are facing a game, run by casinos that are so professional, so organized and so well managed mathematically that they can knowingly look forward to another 100 billion next year, and the next.


And that includes every last dollar you are willing to risk. They expect to win your bankroll.


And if that’s not an economic MONSTER right in front of your very eyes then I don’t know what a FINACIAL KILLING MACHINE looks like. And that is exactly what you are facing when you sit down in that chair.


Now, don’t get me wrong here. YES YOU CAN WIN AND YOU CAN WIN CONSISTANTLY. Yes you can play at professional levels if you want to. And so you should.   


But, anyone who believes they can take 50K to 150K a year from casinos without state-of-the-art, first-class, world-class, Professional Baccarat Training, well - that is EXACTLY how the casinos keep raking in the billions.


BECAUSE AMATEUR PLAYERS BELIEVE THEY CAN KEEP WINNING WITHOUT WORLD-CLASS TRAINING. They continue to believe their bankroll is going to survive with some bet-selection pattern and an amateur betting progression of some kind. And they believe this until they are completely consumed by the MONSTER, just like the casinos know they will be sooner or later.


So don’t be fooled any longer. Join the 2% who are smart enough and brave enough to look the monster in the eye. And KEEP YOUR BANKROLL IN YOUR POCKET until you understand this game enough, and have proven in practice (not live money play) that you can win, and win, and win again.


Challenge yourself, your methods and your knowledge to that test first. Then sit down at that live Baccarat table and have the time of your life winning, winning, winning.


E. Laurence Bake

c. 2020