The secret sauce to Baccarat success

Can you name one game in the world, any game, from Chess to Football, ANY GAME ON EARTH, where you can buy an "Out-Of-The-Box-System” on how to win? And what would you think if someone told you they had a “Five-Move-System” that could beat the game of chess every time?

The very idea of such a “system” would be laughable. Yet, when it comes to investing of any kind and casino- games, there is an entire industry that generates millions of dollars each month SELLING WINNING SYSTEMS TO THE AMATEUR PLAYER.

Wherever there are people with money who want to make more money you will find hundreds, if not thousands of “systems” for sale. And it makes billions of dollars for sellers worldwide.

Now the problem here is not paying to learn something. Paying for someone’s time and work is fair. The problem is, WHAT ARE YOU ACTUALLY PAYING FOR?

So what is really going on here? What is one to do when faced with hundreds of promises of success and fast-money riches? One has to learn somehow, one does need some knowledge and experience to be a winner at any game. But how can anyone possibly navigate through all the smoke and mirrors and move forward wisely?

Well, that is a very good question. 

And the answer begins with understanding the difference between TRAINING and a SYSTEM. A system says, do this, do that, then do that and this and YOU WILL BE A WINNER. 

But now, proper TRAINING is an entirely different matter completely. Training says, “LEARN THE PRINCIPLES AND THE BEST AND THE SMARTEST WAYS TO PLAY THIS GAME AND YOU COULD BE A WINNER.”

Good honest training makes good players. Excellent training makes excellent players. And great training with desire and hard work is what makes a true professional – a champion. 

When you are properly TRAINED in any game you find your own system of play, the best ways for you to play and win. It’s very personal, it’s unique - IT'S YOUR VERY OWN SECRET SAUCE. This happens because you now understand the principles of the game. You learned them, asked all of your questions and practiced, just like any other professional in any other game in the world must do to succeed.

Paying a fair price for some proper training is one thing. Hoping and dreaming and paying for that magic system is just that. It’s hoping and dreaming. And consistently PROFITABLE players don't do that. They are trained professionals.

E. Laurence Bake
Copyright 2020