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E. Laurence Bake

The game of Baccarat is A MECHANICAL ENERGY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM DESIGNED BY THE HUMAN MIND. And because Baccarat was designed by the human mind - IT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD BY THE HUMAN MIND.

Originally, the game was designed to entertain people, perhaps. But once it was brought into the business world of organized casinos Baccarat was mathematically designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND PRODUCE LARGE PROFITS FOR THE CASINO.

The proof of that statement can be seen in the fact that for hundreds of years now Baccarat has produced endless billions of dollars for casinos, and every dollar of profit they have earned represents a dollar LOST by players. If a casino profited one billion that billion came from the hands of Baccarat players.

Any individual who plays Baccarat in a casino either understands this REALITY and has gained the KNOWLEDGE & SKILL to survive in the Baccarat world, or they are just one more source of income for the casinos.

Baccarat is not now, and it has never been a game for the uninformed amateur. Therefore, I am offering the following suggestions to you, as a Baccarat player.

1. STOP PLAYING BACCARAT WITH BIG CHIPS IMMEDIATELY. If you want to play then play with the smallest chips possible for practice, fun, and entertainment.

2. If you cannot win consistently with the smallest possible chips DO NOT GO TO THE BIGGER TABLES WITH BIGGER CHIPS AND GREATER RISK.

3.Study the game, practice, and practice, then practice some more, until you are 100% confident that you can SURVIVE AND EVEN PROFIT playing Baccarat.

4. Get a good, professional Baccarat Simulator. I have always used and still use BacWinPro as my personal training/practice tool. Every last one of my students uses it as well.  Learn on this simulator NOT with live money at a casino. (

Let’s put an end to good people like YOU making the casinos any richer. Save your money, until you are ready. Learn, practice, and face this game honestly and intelligently - then go and SUCCEED.

Nothing would make me happier than to see you BE THE VERY BEST BACCARAT PLAYER YOU CAN BE. That is the only reason that the Baccarat Masters Group is here today. 

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