Why Baccarat players go broke

The successful Wall Street Investor knows something that too many Baccarat Players do not know. They KNOW WHY INVESTORS (& BACCARAT PLAYERS) GO BROKE (Bankrupt)

A business can go bankrupt when it runs out of cash and can't meet their payment obligations as they come due. In the language of Baccarat that means because THEY RUN OUT OF BANKROLL AND CAN NO LONGER MAKE THE CORRECT WAGERS TO WIN THE GAME

Professional Players treat the game and play Baccarat as a business. They think like an Investor and they understand it is a FOR PROFIT ENTERPRIZE, a business. And any business can grow or it can go bankrupt.

Even profitable, growing companies can run out of cash. And it’s the same for the Baccarat Player. Because every company, every Baccarat Player will need additional CAPITAL to expand and cover the costs required to grow.

For that reason the successful Investor knows and uses something called the WORKING CAPITAL RATIO.


What is working capital?

"In a business working capital is the money you need to support short-term operations.” In the Baccarat world it is THE MONEY YOU NEED RIGHT NOW TO STAY IN THE GAME LONG ENOUGH TO GET TO PROFIT.


What is a Capital Ratio?

In business and Baccarat “Capital ratios” measure the amount of capital on hand in relation to the amount of risk one is taking. In other words, how much is your next investment (wager) and how much Capital (bankroll) do you have on hand right now?


How is Capital Ratio calculated?

The working capital ratio is calculated simply by dividing total current assets by total current liabilities. In Baccarat we would understand that as, dividing one’s bankroll (Capital) by the unit size (Risk-Liability) wagered.

On Wall Street it is known as one’s measure of liquidity, meaning the business's ability to meet its obligations as they come due. And so it is in Baccarat.


Why is this important to the Baccarat Player?

That’s because when your CAPITAL TO UNIT SIZE RATIOS are not correct (properly in line with how the game of Baccarat actually works) then you are at risk of going broke. (Bankrupt)

When one does not have enough Capital (assets) available to cover the costs of doing business (Liabilities) it’s GAME OVER! That’s the simple reality of business, and that is the game of Baccarat too.

So it should come as no surprise that this is the NUMBER ONE REASON WHY BACCARAT PLAYERS LOSE MORE MONEY THAN THEY WIN. It’s also why so many go broke.

For that reason alone it is vital for any player who wants to advance toward consistent profits to learn and use the following 3 Ratios to their full advantage.

A) Unit Size to Gross Capital Ratio

B) Unit Size to Session Capital Ratio

C) Wager Size to Current Profit & Loss Ratio

Without all three of these working in line with the CURRENT GAME YOU ARE PLAYING at that exact moment you are at risk of losing the money you take into a casino, online or offline.

These ratios are simple to learn, easy to use, and Wall Street Investors profit with them daily, monthly and annually. And now you can too.

Here is to your Baccarat success.

E. Laurence Bake
Copyright 2020