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Free baccarat strategy



I am new in baccarat. I look for free baccarat strategy to start learn this game. 

You people were beginners too. How did you learn?

Thanks! Sinba

p.s. sorry for my english



[moderated - English, please]


Thanks Felix!

Mr. Awesome

Do not be lazy, just google it, there are plenty 


Hola, llevo mucho en este juego y tengo una estrategia. Quisiera digitalizarla, y llevarla al mercado si sabéis de alguien que este interesado en invertir y hacer algo a lo grande, aquí estoy. 


You might enjoy the Facebook Group "BACCARAT MASTERS GROUP"   Lots of good things to read there...  


What a jerk answer.... But with a user name like Mr. Wonderful that what else would you expect. Unless you are actually Kevin O'Leary of course.

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