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Free baccarat strategy


CEG Group on you tube. They are a school for dealers and try many different strategies.


There are many elements in this game? First : 30% skill 

Second thing: psychology 

3rd thing: know how to accept 

4th thing: discipline The fifth thing: capital management 

6th thing: right tactics, enough targets, and regularly every day I'm sorry that my english skills are not good in 2023 will be better than in 2022 wish everyone good health


Daniel Ring

I will give you just one of the system I use. Its called playing the shoe pattern.  You can Utube it.. Have fun and make some money. Dont be greedy with this system. 

Daniel Ring

Utube playing the shoe pattern.

You can thank me later

Mick Winkler

Hey, just wanted to share my latest video on baccarat automation.  

I think you'll find it super interesting

Ashraf Marwan

Have you tried automating your baccarat strategy?  

Check out this latest video on

I'm sure you'll find it helpful!

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