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Free baccarat strategy


if you're too lazy to find the material ... wait till you have to practice on here ... lol that's when the real work begins


Dr Profit

Try playing opposite of last and use the D'Alembert management. Use it up to 2 losses in a row and then wait until it flips sides and pick back up. Don't even think about playing a whole shoe either. Shoot for 3 units and call it a day. This is the absolute best Baccarat Software available anywhere, and will help you test strategies before going live. I know the temptaion will be to play live, but I practice 100 times more than I play live. Another suggestion is don't just try systems here and see how they work, but study each session and see why they don't work. You'll learn a whole lot more from losses than you will from winners. - Dr. Profit

Dr Profit
Dr Profit

Posted this to show how much study I put into a new system or strategy. Once you know what the limitations are in a system, you can work to adjust it to your preferred management style. As you can see, I win 97% of my wagers within 4 losses or less. You could Martingale something like this, but there are plenty safer and less stressful money management strategies to use. The spreadsheet above shows 34 straight sessions with 3 or more unit wins. I cant stress that fact enough. 3 unit sessions and bounce! Good Luck, Doc.





Hello all! gave me some suggestion to play this game.


Hey dudes, do you really think there are free working schemes in baccarat? Guys, no one will ever give you free advice on how to win a bunch of money! People who really do it will simply not be interested! All these free schemes for making money on the Internet are complete nonsense! The only thing I can advise you is to learn how to play card games really cool and win real money only with the help of your skills and abilities. Train on free platforms and then you can play for real money. I use 線上百家樂 for this.

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