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The successful Wall Street Investor knows something that too many Baccarat Players do not know. They KNOW WHY INVESTORS (& BACCARAT PLAYERS) GO BROKE (Bankrupt)

A business can go bankrupt when it runs out of cash and can't meet their payment obligations as they come due. In the language of Baccarat that means because THEY RUN OUT OF BANKROLL AND CAN NO LONGER MAKE THE CORRECT WAGERS TO WIN THE GAME

Let me ask you a question. Would you advise anyone to step into the ring with a Heavyweight Boxing Champion, without proper training and preparation? And what do you think would happen if someone was foolish enough to put on those boxing gloves?

Everyone loves a great magic trick and the Magicians who make the impossible happen right before our very eyes. 

They cut the woman in half, yet she does not bleed and walks away as beautiful as ever. Or it's the last hand of poker with $1,000,000 on the line and the player pulls that one last Ace left in the deck and blows everyone's mind - including his own. Like MAGIC, the Ace appears, or the lady walks away, and it's Wow! Amazing! Fantastic!

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