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It may not be immediately obvious that athletes, investors, and casino Baccarat players have anything in common, but they do. All three are engaged in a contest with TIME. And too often they will fumble and fail because of it. They fail to recognize that PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE is created with an "accumulation" of smaller, incremental wins over TIME.

So you want to earn a “professional” level income, like $50,000 to $150,000 a year playing Baccarat. I hear you, loud and clear. And I am here to say, “Rock The House!” – go for it.

Have you ever wondered why a casino would decide to not have a $5 - $10 or $15 Baccarat table open that night? Or why some casinos never have smaller minimum tables for the many players who want one?

You may have noticed that in the game of baccarat results are constantly moving. Banker wins, then Player wins, or you see two of each or 10 of one or the other. It is an ever-changing scene from hand to hand. And to the less skilled players this may seem like utter chaos at times. And yes, sometimes it is just that – chaos.

As a baccarat player you may have wondered: “What determines if a BANKER or PLAYER will come up on the next hand? Well, there are a few Natural Laws that help us to arrive at the correct answer. And I won’t keep you waiting to hear what the answer is. The correct answer is CHANCE. 

The next time you sit down at a Baccarat table, online or offline, consider this: the table you are sitting at is owned by someone, it is their BUSINESS. They own it, operate it, pay all of the expenses to keep it open, staff it, and they do so to produce a profit.

Let's talk about playing Baccarat like a multi-million dollar Wall Street investor. Then let's go one step beyond that. Let's take a look at how a simple 1% IMPROVEMENT in your Baccarat SKILLS & PROFITS can take you as a player from playing this game with a relatively small bankroll to the heights of a professional player with Baccarat earnings in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Can you name one game in the world, any game, from Chess to Football, ANY GAME ON EARTH, where you can buy an "Out-Of-The-Box-System” on how to win? And what would you think if someone told you they had a “Five-Move-System” that could beat the game of chess every time?

The very idea of such a “system” would be laughable. Yet, when it comes to investing of any kind and casino- games, there is an entire industry that generates millions of dollars each month SELLING WINNING SYSTEMS TO THE AMATEUR PLAYER.

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