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To fully understand the subject of luck in the game of Baccarat, we need to look at a different subject. And that is the subject of CONTROL.

When you start your car to go shopping do you find yourself waiting, hoping, or wondering if Lady Luck will get you there? Or do you just expect you will get there, and home again in time for dinner?

Here is a tip for you for the next time you are playing Baccarat. Actually, it is more than just a tip. It is an important principle that has to do with Human Nature, your emotions, your mindset and PRESERVING YOUR BANKROLL as a player.

Have you ever watched one of the big celebrity Poker Players playing a hand for a 1 or 2 million dollar pot on TV? You see them sitting there calmly, quietly, thinking about what they will do next. Sometimes it’s as if they drift off and away to some other place in their head, hard at work, calculating their next move.

Natural Law # 5


“The professional Baccarat player directs capital (bankroll) into and out of the game, employing calculated strategies to bring about increased economic growth.”

(Transcript of talk to Association Of Canadian Baccarat Players – Dec 2, 2020 – Toronto, Canada)

When you take a good, honest look at any individual who is very good at what they do a rather obvious pattern comes into view. It does not matter if that person is a top-of-the-line chess player, athlete, makes pizza, writes great songs, or is a talented sign maker. They all have three (3) things in common that can teach us how to improve our results at the Baccarat table.

It may not be immediately obvious that athletes, investors, and casino Baccarat players have anything in common, but they do. All three are engaged in a contest with TIME. And too often they will fumble and fail because of it. They fail to recognize that PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE is created with an "accumulation" of smaller, incremental wins over TIME.

So you want to earn a “professional” level income, like $50,000 to $150,000 a year playing Baccarat. I hear you, loud and clear. And I am here to say, “Rock The House!” – go for it.

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